Week of 12/17

SPELLING WORDS – There are no new words this week.  This week we will take our review test for Unit 3.  We will not have a separate spelling test, but our unit test will incorporate all the skills we have learned the last 5 weeks in Unit 3.

READING – We are reviewing all of the skills we have learned in Unit 3 and will have our unit assessment on Thursday.  In Spelling we are reviewing vowel patterns e,ee,ea, and y, vowel patterns o, oa, and ow, compound words, vowel patterns i, ie, igh and y, and comparative endings -er and -est.  In vocabulary we are reviewing antonyms, synonyms, and prefixed.  In grammar we are reviewing verbs.  In comprehension we are reviewing author’s purpose, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, sequencing, and fact and opinion.

MATH – We are continuing our unit on 2-digit subtraction.  We will have our chapter test on Thursday.

SCIENCE – We are finishing up learning about matter.  Our Unit test will be on Tuesday and we will do an experiment on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are finishing up our unit on My Community, My Country.  We will have our unit test Wednesday and Thursday.


Monday – Reading pages 281-284;  Math pages 369-370

Tuesday – Reading pages 279-280;  Math pages 375-376

Wednesday – Reading pages 267-268;  Math worksheet

Thursday – No Homework.

NO SCHOOL FRIDAY.  Enjoy your break!


Week of 12/10


  1. sooner
  2. hottest
  3. happier
  4. smallest
  5. soonest
  6. busier
  7. happiest
  8. fatter
  9. hotter
  10.  busiest
  11. smaller
  12. fattest

READING –  This week in spelling we are learning comparative endings -er and -est.  In Grammar we are learning synonyms continuing learning about verbs.  In comprehension we are learning fact and opinion and inferring.  Our spelling and reading test will both be on Friday.

MATH – We are continuing 2-digit subtraction with a review addition test mid-week.

SCIENCE – We are continuing our unit on matter with an assessment Monday on temperature and matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are continuing our unit on our country’s symbols with an assessment at the end of the week.



Monday – Reading pages 241-242;  Math pages 339-340

Tuesday – Reading pages 243-244;  Math pages 345-346

Wednesday – Reading pages 245-246;  Math pages 351-352

Thursday – Reading pages 251-252;  Math pages 357-358

Friday – No homework – Have a great weekend!

*Choose 3 items off the spelling menu to turn by Friday

**Read 20 minutes per day


Week of 12/3


  1.  find
  2. bright
  3. right
  4. cry
  5. child
  6. wild
  7. flight
  8. blind
  9. sky
  10. fly
  11. spider
  12. myself


READING – This week we have all long I words in spelling (vowel patterns i, ie, igh, y).  We are continuing with verbs in grammar (past, present, future tense).  We will work on sequencing and retelling stories in reading.  We will have our spelling and reading tests both on Friday.

MATH – We will have our topic 5 assessment on Monday.  We will continue with 2-digit subtraction strategies, but will begin to learn the traditional way to subtract and regroup.

SCIENCE – We will have a short quiz on temperature and matter on Monday.  The remainder of the week we will continue our lesson on matter, focusing on matter within matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will continue learning about our country’s symbols and have our unit assessment on Thursday.



Reading – Mon. -page 229-230; Tuesday – 231-232; Wednesday – 233-234; Thursday – 239-240;  Friday – No Homework                                                                                                                                                                                                   *Complete 3 items off the spelling menu during the week and read 20 minutes per day,


MATH – Monday – pg 321-322; Tuesday – 327-328; Wednesday – 333-334; Thursday – 339-340; Friday – No homework.

Week of 11/26


  1. basketball
  2. weekend
  3. birthday
  4. bathtub
  5. driveway
  6. raindrop
  7. someone
  8. something
  9. riverbank
  10. backyard
  11. bedtime
  12. mailbox


READING – This week we are working on compound words in spelling, past, present, and future tense verbs in grammar, and comparing and contrasting and retelling stories in Reading.

MATH  – We are continuing our subtraction strategies.

SCIENCE – We are continuing our unit on matter, but moving on to changes of matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about symbols that represent our country.




Monday – Reading: pages 217-218;  Math pages 301-302

Tuesday – Reading pages 219-220;  Math pages 303-306


Week of 11/12/18


  1.  goat
  2. most
  3. toast
  4. told
  5. hold
  6. bowl
  7. ago
  8. toad
  9. show
  10. float
  11. open
  12. slow


READING – We are learning long o vowel sounds in spelling, singular and plural verbs and prefixes in grammar, and practicing asking and answering questions and retelling stories in Reading.  We will have our spelling and weekly Reading test on Friday.

MATH – We are continuing to learn strategies for 2-digit subtraction.

SCIENCE – We are continuing learning about matter, focusing on uses of solids.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about leaders in the government on a community, state and country level.



Monday – Reading pages 205-206; Math pages 277-278

Tuesday – Reading pages 217-208; Math pages 283-284

Wednesday – Reading pages 215-216; Math pages 289-290

Thursday – Reading pages 209-210; Math pages 295-296

Friday – NO HOMEWORK   —  Enjoy your long break!

**Spelling homework is due by Friday – 3 items off of the spelling menu

***Make sure to continue reading 20 minutes every night.


Week of 11/5/18


  1.  read
  2. deep
  3. wheel
  4. sleep
  5. feet
  6. seat
  7. leave
  8. teeth
  9. easy
  10. party
  11. windy
  12. team


READING – In spelling we are working on long e vowel patterns.  In grammar we are learning about verbs and antonyms.  In reading we are reviewing author’s purpose and asking and answering question while reading.

MATH – We will have our assessment on 2-digit addition on Monday.  On Tuesday we will begin learning strategies for 2-digit subtraction.

SCIENCE – We are continuing our unit on matter and learning about properties of matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about how the government give communities what they need and will have our unit test on Thursday.



Monday – Reading pages 193-194;  Math worksheet

Tuesday – Reading pages 197-198;  Math pages 259-260

Wednesday – Reading pages 195-196;  Math pages 265-266

Thursday – Reading pages 201-202;  Math pages 271-272

Friday – No Homework.  Enjoy your weekend!

Week of 10/29

We have finished our unit on Working Together and will have our unit test this Friday.  All week we will be reviewing the skills we have learned the last 5 weeks.  The spelling words will also be the words from the last five weeks.  The following are the skills we are working on this week.

ELA – In spelling we have ar/or/ore words, contractions, er/ir/ur words, adding s and es to words, and ai/ay words.  In grammar we will be reviewing nouns, proper nouns, singular/plural nouns, plural nouns that change, and possessive nouns.  In reading we have worked on cause and effect, author’s purpose, identifying key details, and conparing/contrasting 2 stories.  We will have our unit test on Friday.

MATH – We are continuing to add 2-digit number.  We will move on to word problems and adding up to 4 2-digit numbers.

SCIENCE – We are learning about matter, the properties of matter, and matter as a solid, liquid, and gas.  Assessment on Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about community, state, and US governments as well as the branches of government.



Monday – Reading pages 157-158;  Math pages 221-222

Tuesday – Reading pages 159-164;  Math pages 227-228

Wednesday – Reading pages 185-186;  Math pages 233-234

Thursday – Reading pages 165-166;  Math pages 239-240

Friday – No homework–Enjoy your weekend!


Week of 10/22


  1.  main
  2. wait
  3. say
  4. away
  5. play
  6. raise
  7. brain
  8. paint
  9. stay
  10. today
  11. tray
  12. tail


READING – We are working on a, ai, and ay vowel patterns in spelling.  We will begin learning about possessive nouns in grammar.  Our reading skill is comparing and contrasting within a text and between two texts.

MATH – We are continuing to add 2-digit numbers.  The last couple of weeks we have been learning strategies to add 2-digit numbers.  This week we will begin adding them the traditional way most of us learned.  This will take us through next week.  We will have a math test on Thursday.

SCIENCE – We will start leaning about the properties for matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will continue learning about Nicaragua and preparing for Trip Around Latin America.



Monday – reading pages 149-150;  math addition worksheet

Tuesday – reading pages 147-148; math pages 209-210

Wednesday – reading pages 155-156;  math pages 211-214

Thursday – No homework.  Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Friday – No school on Friday.

Spelling – 3 items off of the spelling menu any time during the week.

  • Remember to ready 15 minutes a day.



*There will be a reading, spelling and math test on Thursday.

**Reminder – There is NO SCHOOL on Friday.


Week of 10/15


  1.  lunch
  2. lunches
  3. story
  4. stories
  5. tune
  6. tunes
  7. switch
  8. switches
  9. baby
  10. babies
  11. note
  12. notes


Monday – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday – Reading – pages 133-134, Math – Page 190

Wednesday – Reading – page 142, Math – pages 197-198

Thursday – Reading – 143-144, Math – pages 203-204

Friday – No homework, enjoy your weekend.

**Please remember to do 3 items of the spelling menu during the week.  This is part of the homework grade.

***Read 20 minutes per night.


This Week……

Reading – In spelling we are learning rules to change singular words to plural.  Grammar we are learning plural nouns that change.  In reading we are learning about fairy tales, cause and effect, and story structure.  We will have a reading and spelling test on Friday.

Math – We will have our unit assessment on Tuesday on strategies for 2-digit addition and will begin a new unit where we will continue with 2-digit addition.

Science – We have finished up our unit on Earth’s surface and weather and will have our unit assessment on Thursday.  This will include what all we have learned so far this year:  rocks and minerals, soil, changes in weather, the sun, air, and staying safe in severe weather.

Social Studies – We are continuing to learn about Nicaragua.  This week we will begin to build our display boards and practice our dance.

Week of 10/8

Spelling Words

  1.  person
  2. turn
  3. curb
  4. purse
  5. nurse
  6. birth
  7. curl
  8. turtle
  9. dirt
  10. serve
  11. skirt
  12. her


READING-We will be working on ur/ir/er words in spelling, plural nouns in grammar, and facts and details in comprehension.  Our writing prompt will be on Thursday.  Our weekly spelling and reading test will be on Friday.

MATH-We are continuing our unit on strategies for adding numbers within 100.  Our unit test will be on Friday.

SCIENCE-We are continuing our unit on severe weather.  Our unit test will be on Friday

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are continuing to learn about Nicaragua and practicing our dance.



Monday – Reading page 121-122, Math Page 169-170

Tuesday – Reading page 123, Math pages 175-176

Wednesday – Reading pages 125-126, Math worksheet

Thursday – Reading pages 129-130, Math worksheet

Friday – No homework.  Have a great weekend!

**Read 20 minutes every night

***3 items off of the spelling menu due Friday