Mrs. Rivera Week of 2/1/21

Mrs. RiveraWeek of 2/1/21

Spelling Words


High Frequency Words


Academic Vocabulary

discuss   connectresponsibleequal      improve


scentsuselesscrumbleplastic        garbage

This Week In….

ELA: In Spelling we will spell words with Prefixes un-, re-, pre-, and dis-.

Reading: Unit 4: Making a Difference. Week 4-Biography. Identify Text Structure.

Grammar: Pronouns. Our weekly Spelling and Reading tests this week will be on Friday.

Math: Topic 9: Numbers to 1,000.

Science: Continue Topic 5: Plants and Animals.

Social Studies: Black History Month.


Monday:  Math p.133-134 Write the spelling words 3 times each. Reading book pages 367 & 368.  Read.Tuesday: Math p. 135-136. Write your spelling words in alphabetical order. Reading book page 369. Read.
Wednesday: Math p. 137-138.   Write each of your spelling words in a sentence. Reading book pages 401 & 402.  Read.Thursday: Math p.139-140. Write the spelling words 3 times each. Reading book page 403.  Read.