Mrs. Rivera Week of 12/14/20

Mrs. RiveraWeek of 12/14/20

Spelling Words


High Frequency Words


Academic Vocabulary

communication   culturepurposemaintain      belief


sauceplainproductsspicy        ingredients

This Week In….

ELA: In Spelling we will spell words with Vowel Teams oo, ue, ew, ui. Reading: Unit 3: Week 5- Procedural Text. We will learn more about traditions by reading a story about traditional food and making inferences. We will learn the text features: headings, labels, and numbered steps.

Grammar: Adverbs. Our weekly Spelling and Reading tests this week will be on Friday.

Math: Continue-Topic 7: Solving Problems Using Addition and Subtraction.

Science: Topic 4: Energy, Force, and Motion. Lesson 3: How Objects Move.

Social Studies: Continue- Chapter 3: The World Around Us. Lesson 2: All About Maps.


Monday: Math p. 101-102. Write the spelling words 3 times each. Reading book pages 175-176.  Read.Tuesday: Math p. 103-104. Write your spelling words in alphabetical order. Reading book page 177. Read.
Wednesday: Math p. 105-106.   Write each of your spelling words in a sentence. Reading book page 208. Read.Thursday: Math p. 107-108. Write the spelling words 3 times each. Reading book page 209.  Read.