Week of 9/28/20

Spelling Words

  1. you’ll
  2. he’s
  3. wasn’t
  4. don’t
  5. we’re
  6. I’ll
  7. isn’t
  8. she’s
  9. what’s
  10. you’re


different, between, even


behavior, evidence, identify, similar, design


arrange, certain, moist, soggy, place


ELA: In Spelling we are learning to spell contractions. In Reading we will review informational text and text features. In Grammar we will focus on singular and plural nouns. Our weekly Spelling test this week will be on Friday.

MATH: We will finish our unit (Topic 3) on strategies to add 2-digit numbers and take our Topic 3 Assessment on Friday.

SCIENCE: We will begin Lesson 4: The Sun and the Water Cycle.

SOCIAL STUDIES: It is Hispanic Heritage Month! We will be learning about famous Hispanic citizens and create a bulletin board. Then we will begin Lesson 4: Our Government.


Monday – Math pages 39-40, write the spelling words 3 times each

Tuesday – Math pages 41-42, write your spelling words in alphabetical order, Reading book page 221

Wednesday – Math page 43-44, Write each of your spelling words in a sentence, Reading book page 251

Thursday – Math (In the class “color pages” workbook )123-126 , Write your spelling words 3 times each, Reading book page 250

Friday – No homework