Week of 9/21/20

Spelling Words

  1. babies
  2. dropped
  3. lunches
  4. smiled
  5. taking
  6. boxes
  7. dropping
  8. notes
  9. switches
  10. tunes


follow, show, form


compare, region, affect, different, location


excited, favorite, tour, guide, explore


ELA: In Spelling we are learning to spell words with -s, -es, -ed, -ing. In Reading we will review realistic fiction and the elements of plot. In Grammar we will focus on dictionary skills. Our weekly Spelling test this week will be on Friday and our unit test will be on Friday also.

MATH: We have finished our unit on equal groups and will begin to learn strategies to add 2-digit numbers.

SCIENCE: We will continue our unit on weather patterns. We will have our assessment on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will have our assessment on following rules and laws Monday. We will begin our unit on our government Tuesday and continue it for the rest of the week.


Monday – Math pages 31-32, write the spelling words 3 times each

Tuesday – Math pages 33-34, write your spelling words in alphabetical order, Reading book page 188

Wednesday – Math page 35-36, Write each of your spelling words in a sentence, Reading book page 162

Thursday – Math page 37-38, Write your spelling words 3 times each, Reading book page 189-190

Friday – No homework