Week of 9/7/20

Spelling Words

  1. nest
  2. spend
  3. strong
  4. frog
  5. stick
  6. past
  7. spring
  8. scrap
  9. blog
  10. brick


sound, things, more


compare, region, affect, different, location


community, services, librarian, supermarkets, hospital


ELA: In Spelling we are learning to spell words with consonant blends. In Reading we will be begin learning about informational text. We will focus on main idea and details. We will also begin to learn about text features. In Grammar we will begin learning about compound sentences. Our weekly Spelling test this week will be on Friday and our unit test will be on Friday also.

MATH: We will have our review on addition and subtraction strategies on Tuesday and our assessment on Wednesday. We will begin our unit on equal groups on Thursday focusing on even and odd groups for the rest of the week.

SCIENCE: We will continue our unit on soil.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue our unit on the rights that American citizens have.


Monday – No school

Tuesday – Math pages 47-50, write your spelling words in alphabetical order

Wednesday – Math page 45-46, Write each of your spelling words in a sentence.

Thursday – Math page 21-22, Write your spelling words 3 times each

Friday – No homework