Week of March 23rd

Spelling Words

  1. lead
  2. wind
  3. down
  4. foot
  5. upset
  6. does
  7. wound
  8. match
  9. tear
  10. second


heard, sure, door


destroy, environment, reaction, balance, resources


ELA: In Spelling we are learning to spell words that are homographs. In Reading we will be continuing to focus on reading comprehension from now until the end of the year. We will also focus on Making connections as we read and reviewing text features. In Grammar we will be learning prepositions and prepositional phrases. Our weekly Spelling test this week will be on Friday and our unit test will be on Friday also.

MATH: We will review and complete our unit on 3-digit subtraction this week and will have our test on Friday.

SCIENCE: We will begin our unit on plant and animal life cycles. We will start the unit learning about plant life cycles and continue on to animal life cycles.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will begin our unit on knowing that people, families, and communities all have a history, beginning with the unit of Life Then and Now.


Monday – ELA Pages 459-460; Math pages 167-168

Tuesday – ELA page 470; Math pages 169-170

Wednesday – ELA worksheet; Math pages 497-498

Thursday – ELA pages 501-502; Math pages 503-504

Friday – No Homework.

*Spelling homework is to complete 3 items from spelling menu during the week–to be turned in by Friday

**Please continue to read 20 minutes daily