Week of 3/9/20

Spelling Words

There are no Spelling Words this week. We are using this week as a review week.


discuss, connect, responsible, equal, improve


ELA: In Reading we will be continuing to focus on reading comprehension from now until the end of the year. We will be working hard on comprehension this week. We are continuing to work on main idea and details as well as text features this week. We are also continuing to work on our letter writing skills this week. We will not have a Spelling test this week or a Unit test, but will have daily classwork grades this week.

MATH: . We are continuing our unit on 3-digit subtraction. Our test will be after the break.

SCIENCE: We are continuing our unit on energy, force, and motion. We are starting our lesson on Gravity.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are learning about the benefits and costs in saving and spending money.


Monday – ELA worksheet; Math pages 165-166

Tuesday – ELA worksheet; Math worksheet

Wednesday – ELA worksheet; Math pages 167-168

Thursday – No Homework

Friday – No School. Enjoy your break!