Week of 10/21

Spelling Words

  1. chief
  2. niece
  3. field
  4. brief
  5. piece
  6. thief
  7. believe
  8. tie
  9. pie
  10. goalie
  11. relief
  12. denied
  13. movie


  1. animal
  2. point
  3. study


behavior, evidence, identify, similar, design

carefully, quietly, rustle, glow, decorates


ELA: In spelling we are learning ie words. In reading we will be woking on comprehension and identifying plot elements in our story. In grammar we will be continuing common and proper nouns. We will have our weekly spelling and unit test on Friday.

MATH: We will continue learning different strategies to add 2-digit numbers. We will review for our test Wednesday and Thursday and will have our test Friday.

SCIENCE: We will be learning about habitats of Colombia in preparation for Trip Around the World on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue learning about Colombia.


Monday – ELA worksheet; Math pages 59-60

Tuesday – ELA worksheet ; Math pages 61-62

Wednesday – ELA worksheet ; Math pages 175-178

Thursday – ELA worksheet ; Math pages 179-182

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!

*Spelling homework is to complete 3 items from spelling menu during the week–to be turned in by Friday

**Please continue to read 20 minutes daily.


*Homework is due daily. Spelling requirements are to complete 3 items off the spelling menu every week. Homework does count as a weekly grade.