Week of 9/23

Spelling Words

  1. babies
  2. dropped
  3. lunches
  4. smiled
  5. taking
  6. boxes
  7. dropping
  8. notes
  9. switches
  10. tunes
  11. amazed
  12. arguing

Bonus: bouncing


  1. follow
  2. show
  3. form


affect, different, compare, location, region

excited, favorite, tour, guide, explore


ELA: In spelling we are learning words with inflected endings -s, -es, -ed, -ing. In reading we will be describing and understanding elements of plot. In grammar we will be learning how to use a dictionary.

MATH: We will learning different strategies to add 2-digit numbers.

SCIENCE: We are continuing our unit on patterns in weather. We will continue to focus on the four seasons this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will begin learning about Colombia. Colombia is our country we will be focusing on for Trip Around the World in October.


Monday – ELA worksheet; Math pages 35-36

Tuesday – ELA worksheet ; Math pages 37-38

Wednesday – ELA worksheet ; Math pages 39-40

Thursday – ELA worksheet ; Math review pages 41-42

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!

*Spelling homework is to complete 3 items from spelling menu during the week–to be turned in by Friday

**Please continue to read 20 minutes daily.


*Homework is due daily. Spelling requirements are to complete 3 items off the spelling menu every week. Homework does count as a weekly grade.