Week of 9/15/19

Spelling Words

  1. bunch
  2. chase
  3. patch
  4. math
  5. what
  6. brush
  7. phone
  8. thank
  9. when
  10. dish


  1. great
  2. before
  3. means


rhythm, rhyme, stanza

lonely, stamp, might, scolding, spread


ELA: In spelling we are learning words with consonant digraphs ch, sh, wh, th, ph, and tch. In reading we are beginning poetry. We will learn how to identify rhythm, rhyme, and stanzas in a poem. In grammar we writing focusing on ending punctuation in sentences. We will have our weekly Spelling and Reading assessment on Friday.

MATH: We will be finishing up our unit on odd/even numbers and arrays. We will have the unit test on Wednesday. A review will come home Tuesday that is very similar to the test we will be taking.

SCIENCE: We are continuing our unit on patterns in weather. We will focus on the four seasons this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will begin learning about Colombia. Colombia is our country we will be focusing on for Trip Around the World in October.


Monday – ELA worksheet; Math pages 29-30

Tuesday – ELA worksheet ; Math pages 83-84

Wednesday – ELA worksheet ; Math pages 81-82

Thursday – ELA worksheet ; Math review pages 31-32

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!

*Spelling homework is to complete 3 items from spelling menu during the week–to be turned in by Friday

**Please continue to read 20 minutes daily.


*Homework is due daily. Spelling requirements are to complete 3 items off the spelling menu every week. Homework does count as a weekly grade

*Please check classdojo daily for any important messages that may be sent.