Week of 5/13



** There are no new spelling words this week. We will spend this week reviewing all of Unit . We will not have a separate spelling test but they will be tested on all of the spelling patterns that they learned in the last 5 weeks on the unit test.

ELA: We are reviewing all of unit 6. In spelling this includes inflected endings, abbreviations, final syllables tion, ture, and ion, suffixes, and prefixes. In Reading this includes compare and contrast, author’s purpose, summarizing, drawing conclusions, sequencing, text structure, facts and details, and predicting. In conventions this includes capital letters, dictionary skills, commas, quotation marks, and prepositions. We will have our unit test on Friday.

MATH: We are beginning 3-digit subtraction. We will not have a test this week.

SCIENCE: We are continuing plant and animal habitats. We will have a test on it next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue our unit on map skills. We are finishing up the section on Our Earth and moving on to Weather and Climate.


Monday – ELA pages 541-542; Math pages 641-642

Tuesday – ELA pages 549-550; Math 647-648

Wednesday – ELA Pages 555-556; Math pages 653-654

Thursday – ELA Pages 561-562; Math pages 659-660

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!