Week of 4/29

Spelling Words

  1. kindness
  2. useless
  3. sadness
  4. thankless
  5. careless
  6. fearless
  7. sickness
  8. fitness
  9. goodness
  10. darkness
  11. helpless
  12. weakness


ELA: In spelling we are learning words with suffixes ness, less, able, ible. In reading we are reviewing sequencing. In grammar we are going over commas. We will have our weekly Spelling and Reading assessment on Friday.

MATH: We are finishing our unit of place value and will begin 3-digit addition. We will have our unit test of place value on Wednesday.

SCIENCE: We are continuing with the human body. We will have our assessment on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are continuing our unit on map skills. We will have our assessment Tuesday.


Monday – ELA pages 517-518; Math pages 569-570

Tuesday – ELA pages 521-522; Math pages 571-572

Wednesday – ELA Page 526; Math worksheet

Thursday – ELA Pages 519-520; Math pages 589-590

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!

*Remember to complete 3 item of the spelling menu during the week

**Please continue to read 20 minutes daily.