Week of 4/15

Spelling Words

  1. Mr.
  2. Mrs.
  3. St.
  4. Jan.
  5. Feb.
  6. Aug.
  7. Dr.
  8. Ms.
  9. Rd.
  10. Oct.
  11. Nov.
  12. Dec.


ELA: In spelling we are learning abbreviations. In reading we are reviewing author’s purpose and summarizing. In grammar we are learning quotation marks.

MATH: We are completing our unit on measurement. We will review Monday and have our test Tuesday. We will then begin our unit on place value.

SCIENCE: We are finishing our unit on animal and plant life cycles/needs. We will have a test on Monday and continue with the human body the rest of the week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are continuing our unit on map skills. We will have an assessment Tuesday and continue with using a map scale the rest of the week.


Monday – ELA pages 493-494; Math pages 791-792

Tuesday – ELA pages 495-496; Math pages 771-772

Wednesday – ELA Page 497-498; Math pages 515-516

Thursday – ELA Pages 503-504; Math pages 7527-528

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!

*Remember to complete 3 item of the spelling menu during the week

**Please continue to read 20 minutes daily.