Week of 4/1/19



** There are no new spelling words this week. We will spend this week reviewing all of Unit 5. We will not have a seperate spelling test but they will be tested on all of the spelling patterns that they learned in the last 5 weeks on the unit test.

ELA: We are reviewing all of unit 5. In spelling this includes suffixes ly, ful, er, and or, prefixes un, re, pre, and dis, consonant patterns kn, wr, gn, mb, ph, gh, ck, and ng, and vowel patterns aw, au, augh, and al. In Reading this includes fact and opinion, main idea and details, story structure, and setting and plot. In grammar this includes pronouns, contractions, suffixes, and using I and me. We will have our unit test on Friday.

MATH: We are continuing our unit on measurement. We will have our chapter test on Thursday.

SCIENCE: We are continuing life cycles of animals and plants. We have caterpillars in our class that we will continue to observe as they become butterflies. We will also learn about plant and animal needs.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue our unit on map skills.


Monday – ELA pages 445-446; Math pages 745-746

Tuesday – ELA pages 455-458; Math worksheet

Wednesday – ELA Pages 459-460; Math pages 747-752

Thursday – ELA Pages 467-470; Math pages 753-758

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!