Week of 3/25/19

Spelling Words

  1. talk
  2. caught
  3. chalk
  4. thaw
  5. because
  6. draw
  7. auto
  8. fault
  9. August
  10. walk
  11. taught
  12. launch


ELA: In spelling we are working on vowel patterns au, augh, al, and aw. In reading we are reviewing main idea and details and inferring. In grammar we are reviewing contractions and suffixes.

MATH: We are continuing our unit on measurement. This week we will be starting with centimeters and meters.

SCIENCE: We are continuing life cycles of animals and plants. We have caterpillars in our class that we will be able to observe as they become butterflies. We will end the week with plant needs.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will begin our unit on map skills.


Monday – ELA pages 433-434; Math pages 721-722

Tuesday – ELA pages 437-438; Math pages 727-728

Wednesday – ELA Page 442; Math pages 733-734

Thursday – ELA Pages 443-444; Math pages 739-740

Friday – No Homework. Enjoy your weekend!