Week of 3/11/19

Spelling Words

  1. phone
  2. laugh
  3. graph
  4. rough
  5. enough
  6. ticket
  7. tough
  8. cough
  9. backtrack
  10. duckling
  11. photo
  12. clang

This Week In….

ELA – In spelling we have words with consonant patterns ph, gh, ck, and ng. In grammar we are continuing pronouns. In Reading we are reviewing story structure and character and setting.

MATH – We finished our unit on geometry last week and will begin our unit on measurement this week. We will begin with measurement in inches and feet.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will review our unit on Working to Meet Our Needs and will have the unit test this week.

SCIENCE – We are continuing our unit on plant and animal life cycles.


Monday – ELA pages 421-422; Math pages 697-698

Tuesday – ELA pages 425-426; Math pages 703-704

Wednesday – ELA pages 431-432; Math pages 709-710

Thursday – NO HOMEWORK.

Friday – NO SCHOOL. Enjoy your break!