Week of 3/4/19



  1. knock
  2. sign
  3. knee
  4. wrong
  5. write
  6. climb
  7. wrap
  8. wren
  9. gnat
  10. lamb
  11. comb
  12. knob


ELA: We will be learning consonant patterns kn, gn, mb, and wr in spelling. We will work on using I and me in grammar. We will be reviewing plot and them in Reading. We will have both our weekly reading test and spelling test on Friday.

MATH: We will continue our unit in geometry and go over shapes and begin fractions. We will have the unit review Thursday and the test Friday.

SCIENCE: We are starting our unit on life cycles. We will begin with plant life cycles and continue of to animal life cycles.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are finishing up our important people for Black History Month and will conclude with Rosa Parks on Tuesday. We will begin our unit on money on Thursday.


Monday — ELA pages 409-410; Math pages 893-894

Tuesday — ELA pages 413-414; Math pages 899-900

Wednesday — ELA pages 419-420; Math pages 905-906

Thursday — ELA pages 418; Math pages 907-908

Friday — No homework. Enjoy your weekend!!