Week of 2/25


  1. unsafe
  2. disappear
  3. rewind
  4. regroup
  5. preheat
  6. unlock
  7. unpack
  8. preschool
  9. rerun
  10. discolor
  11. unplug
  12. disagree


ELA: We will be reviewing prefixes in spelling. We will work on singular and plural pronouns in grammar. We will be reviewing cause and effect in reading. We will also be working on compare and contrast as we continue our social studies lesson on presidents. We will have both our weekly reading test and spelling test on Friday.

MATH: We will review our money and time test on Monday and take the computer version on Tuesday. The rest of the week we will begin our unit on geometry and will continue learning shapes.

SCIENCE: We will review for our unit test on energy, force, and motion on Monday and will have our unit test on Tuesday. On Thursday and Friday we will begin our unit on plant life cycles.

SOCIAL STUDIES: In recognition of Black History Month we will be learning about Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, and Martin Luther King, Jr. There will be no tests this week, but we will have classwork and project grades.


Monday — ELA pages 397-398; Math pages 871-872

Tuesday — ELA pages 399-400; Math pages 875-876

Wednesday — ELA pages 401-402; Math pages 869-870

Thursday — ELA pages 407-408; Math pages 881-882

Friday — No homework. Enjoy your weekend!!

**Please remember to complete 3 items of of the spelling menu during the week and to read 20 minutes a day.