Week of 2/18/19

1. cheerful

2. weekly

3. hardly

4. quickly

5. visitor

6. teacher

7. graceful

8. fighter

9, slowly

10. helper

11. yearly

12. sailor

This week in….

ELA – In spelling we are working on suffixes -ly, -ful, -er, -or, -ish. In grammar we will continue to learn about adjectives and adverbs and introduce pronouns.

MATH – On Tuesday we will review for our money and time assessment on Wednesday. On Thursday we will begin our unit on shapes.

SCIENCE – We will continue our unit on gravity. We will have a test on Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will have our assessment on trading for goods and services on Tuesday. We will compare and contrast American Presidents on Thursday and Friday.


Monday – No school

Tuesday – ELA – pages 385-386; Math pages FL7-8

Wednesday – ELA – pages 389-390; Math pages FL3-4

Thursday – ELA – pages 395-396; Math pages 863-864

Friday – NO homework! Enjoy your weekend!!