Week of 2/4/19


  1. too
  2. blue
  3. suit
  4. juice
  5. new
  6. true
  7. spoon
  8. drew
  9. fruit
  10. fool
  11. clue
  12. flew


ELA: We will be learning vowel diagraphs oo, ue, ew, and ui in spelling. We are reviewing prefixes and continuing adverbs in grammar. We are continuing plot and retelling stories in Reading.

MATH: We will review 2-digit addition and subtraction with an assessment on Tuesday. We will review money on Wednesday and have a short assessment on money on Thursday. On Friday we will begin our unit on time.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are continuing learning about producers and consumers. We will begin service workers and their jobs on Thursday.

SCIENCE: We will be learning about magnets all week.


Monday – ELA – pages 329-330; Math – worksheet

Tuesday – ELA – pages 325-326; Math – worksheet

Wednesday – ELA – pages 333-334; Math – FL7-8

Thursday – ELA – pages 335-336; Math – worksheet

Friday – No homework. Enjoy your weekend!

**Please remember to complete 3 items off your spelling menu and to read 20 minutes a day.