Week of 1/28


  1. downstairs
  2. houseboat
  3. boyhood
  4. roadway
  5. football
  6. railroad
  7. oatmeal
  8. outplay
  9. cowboy
  10. rainbow
  11. soybean
  12. daydream

This Week in….

ELA: In spelling we are working on compound words. In grammar we are introducing adverbs. In Reading we are continuing to practice retelling stories. We will have the spelling test and chapter test both on Friday.

MATH: We will begin learning money this week.

SCIENCE: We are continuing to learn about force and motion. We will have a quiz on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be learning about producing and consuming goods.


Monday: ELA – pages 329-330; Math pages 447-448

Tuesday: ELA – pages 325-326; Math pages 453-454

Wednesday: ELA – pages 333-334; Math pages 459-460

Thursday: ELA – pages 335-336; Math pages 465-466

Friday: No homework. Enjoy your weekend!