Week of 1/21/19


  1. around
  2. cow
  3. gown
  4. sound
  5. flower
  6. out
  7. toy
  8. moist
  9. noise
  10. howl
  11. royal
  12. coil


ELA – We are learning words with ou/ow/oi/oy sounds in spelling. In grammar we are continuing adjectives with adjectives that compare. In comprehension we are still working on sequencing and reviewing fact and opinion and questioning as we read. We will have our unit test and spelling test on Friday.

MATH – We are continuing 2-digit addition and subtraction in word problems. We will have our chapter test on Friday. Please continue working on math facts with your child. This is an important foundational skill to have as we move on to harder problems.

SCIENCE – We are continuing force and motion with pushes and pulls. We will have our assessment on Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are discussing making choices determined by cost and benefit.


Tuesday – ELA pages 313-314; Math pages 419-420

Wednesday – ELA pages 315-316; Math pages 425-426

Thursday – ELA pages 323-324; Math worksheet

Friday – No homework. Enjoy your wee