Week of 1/14/19

Spelling Words

  1. cook
  2. wood
  3. push
  4. book
  5. stood
  6. July
  7. pull
  8. hood
  9. full
  10. shook
  11. brook
  12. put

This week in…

Math: We will review Topic 6 and complete an additional assessment on Tuesday. We will be beginning another unit on word problems using addition and subtraction.

Science: We are continuing our unit on Force and Motion. We will complete our unit on using energy and have an assessment on Monday. We will continue anther section of the chapter learning about Force and Motion.

Social Studies: We are finishing our unit on Needs and Wants. We will have an assessment on Tuesday. We will begin a new section on Making Choices.

ELA: We are learning vowel sounds oo and u in spelling. We are continuing adjectives and introducing antonyms. We are practicing sequencing in reading.


Monday: Math pages 395-396; ELA pages 301-302

Tuesday: Math worksheet: ELA pages 305-306

Wednesday: Math pages 401-402; ELA pages 309-310

Thursday: Math pages 407-408; ELA pages 311-312

*Please remember to read 20 minutes per night

**Complete 3 items off the spelling menu throughout the week