Week of 12/17

SPELLING WORDS – There are no new words this week.  This week we will take our review test for Unit 3.  We will not have a separate spelling test, but our unit test will incorporate all the skills we have learned the last 5 weeks in Unit 3.

READING – We are reviewing all of the skills we have learned in Unit 3 and will have our unit assessment on Thursday.  In Spelling we are reviewing vowel patterns e,ee,ea, and y, vowel patterns o, oa, and ow, compound words, vowel patterns i, ie, igh and y, and comparative endings -er and -est.  In vocabulary we are reviewing antonyms, synonyms, and prefixed.  In grammar we are reviewing verbs.  In comprehension we are reviewing author’s purpose, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, sequencing, and fact and opinion.

MATH – We are continuing our unit on 2-digit subtraction.  We will have our chapter test on Thursday.

SCIENCE – We are finishing up learning about matter.  Our Unit test will be on Tuesday and we will do an experiment on Thursday.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are finishing up our unit on My Community, My Country.  We will have our unit test Wednesday and Thursday.


Monday – Reading pages 281-284;  Math pages 369-370

Tuesday – Reading pages 279-280;  Math pages 375-376

Wednesday – Reading pages 267-268;  Math worksheet

Thursday – No Homework.

NO SCHOOL FRIDAY.  Enjoy your break!


Week of 12/10


  1. sooner
  2. hottest
  3. happier
  4. smallest
  5. soonest
  6. busier
  7. happiest
  8. fatter
  9. hotter
  10.  busiest
  11. smaller
  12. fattest

READING –  This week in spelling we are learning comparative endings -er and -est.  In Grammar we are learning synonyms continuing learning about verbs.  In comprehension we are learning fact and opinion and inferring.  Our spelling and reading test will both be on Friday.

MATH – We are continuing 2-digit subtraction with a review addition test mid-week.

SCIENCE – We are continuing our unit on matter with an assessment Monday on temperature and matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are continuing our unit on our country’s symbols with an assessment at the end of the week.



Monday – Reading pages 241-242;  Math pages 339-340

Tuesday – Reading pages 243-244;  Math pages 345-346

Wednesday – Reading pages 245-246;  Math pages 351-352

Thursday – Reading pages 251-252;  Math pages 357-358

Friday – No homework – Have a great weekend!

*Choose 3 items off the spelling menu to turn by Friday

**Read 20 minutes per day


Week of 12/3


  1.  find
  2. bright
  3. right
  4. cry
  5. child
  6. wild
  7. flight
  8. blind
  9. sky
  10. fly
  11. spider
  12. myself


READING – This week we have all long I words in spelling (vowel patterns i, ie, igh, y).  We are continuing with verbs in grammar (past, present, future tense).  We will work on sequencing and retelling stories in reading.  We will have our spelling and reading tests both on Friday.

MATH – We will have our topic 5 assessment on Monday.  We will continue with 2-digit subtraction strategies, but will begin to learn the traditional way to subtract and regroup.

SCIENCE – We will have a short quiz on temperature and matter on Monday.  The remainder of the week we will continue our lesson on matter, focusing on matter within matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will continue learning about our country’s symbols and have our unit assessment on Thursday.



Reading – Mon. -page 229-230; Tuesday – 231-232; Wednesday – 233-234; Thursday – 239-240;  Friday – No Homework                                                                                                                                                                                                   *Complete 3 items off the spelling menu during the week and read 20 minutes per day,


MATH – Monday – pg 321-322; Tuesday – 327-328; Wednesday – 333-334; Thursday – 339-340; Friday – No homework.