Week of 11/12/18


  1.  goat
  2. most
  3. toast
  4. told
  5. hold
  6. bowl
  7. ago
  8. toad
  9. show
  10. float
  11. open
  12. slow


READING – We are learning long o vowel sounds in spelling, singular and plural verbs and prefixes in grammar, and practicing asking and answering questions and retelling stories in Reading.  We will have our spelling and weekly Reading test on Friday.

MATH – We are continuing to learn strategies for 2-digit subtraction.

SCIENCE – We are continuing learning about matter, focusing on uses of solids.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about leaders in the government on a community, state and country level.



Monday – Reading pages 205-206; Math pages 277-278

Tuesday – Reading pages 217-208; Math pages 283-284

Wednesday – Reading pages 215-216; Math pages 289-290

Thursday – Reading pages 209-210; Math pages 295-296

Friday – NO HOMEWORK   —  Enjoy your long break!

**Spelling homework is due by Friday – 3 items off of the spelling menu

***Make sure to continue reading 20 minutes every night.