Week of 11/5/18


  1.  read
  2. deep
  3. wheel
  4. sleep
  5. feet
  6. seat
  7. leave
  8. teeth
  9. easy
  10. party
  11. windy
  12. team


READING – In spelling we are working on long e vowel patterns.  In grammar we are learning about verbs and antonyms.  In reading we are reviewing author’s purpose and asking and answering question while reading.

MATH – We will have our assessment on 2-digit addition on Monday.  On Tuesday we will begin learning strategies for 2-digit subtraction.

SCIENCE – We are continuing our unit on matter and learning about properties of matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about how the government give communities what they need and will have our unit test on Thursday.



Monday – Reading pages 193-194;  Math worksheet

Tuesday – Reading pages 197-198;  Math pages 259-260

Wednesday – Reading pages 195-196;  Math pages 265-266

Thursday – Reading pages 201-202;  Math pages 271-272

Friday – No Homework.  Enjoy your weekend!