Week of 10/29

We have finished our unit on Working Together and will have our unit test this Friday.  All week we will be reviewing the skills we have learned the last 5 weeks.  The spelling words will also be the words from the last five weeks.  The following are the skills we are working on this week.

ELA – In spelling we have ar/or/ore words, contractions, er/ir/ur words, adding s and es to words, and ai/ay words.  In grammar we will be reviewing nouns, proper nouns, singular/plural nouns, plural nouns that change, and possessive nouns.  In reading we have worked on cause and effect, author’s purpose, identifying key details, and conparing/contrasting 2 stories.  We will have our unit test on Friday.

MATH – We are continuing to add 2-digit number.  We will move on to word problems and adding up to 4 2-digit numbers.

SCIENCE – We are learning about matter, the properties of matter, and matter as a solid, liquid, and gas.  Assessment on Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about community, state, and US governments as well as the branches of government.



Monday – Reading pages 157-158;  Math pages 221-222

Tuesday – Reading pages 159-164;  Math pages 227-228

Wednesday – Reading pages 185-186;  Math pages 233-234

Thursday – Reading pages 165-166;  Math pages 239-240

Friday – No homework–Enjoy your weekend!