Week of 10/22


  1.  main
  2. wait
  3. say
  4. away
  5. play
  6. raise
  7. brain
  8. paint
  9. stay
  10. today
  11. tray
  12. tail


READING – We are working on a, ai, and ay vowel patterns in spelling.  We will begin learning about possessive nouns in grammar.  Our reading skill is comparing and contrasting within a text and between two texts.

MATH – We are continuing to add 2-digit numbers.  The last couple of weeks we have been learning strategies to add 2-digit numbers.  This week we will begin adding them the traditional way most of us learned.  This will take us through next week.  We will have a math test on Thursday.

SCIENCE – We will start leaning about the properties for matter.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will continue learning about Nicaragua and preparing for Trip Around Latin America.



Monday – reading pages 149-150;  math addition worksheet

Tuesday – reading pages 147-148; math pages 209-210

Wednesday – reading pages 155-156;  math pages 211-214

Thursday – No homework.  Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Friday – No school on Friday.

Spelling – 3 items off of the spelling menu any time during the week.

  • Remember to ready 15 minutes a day.



*There will be a reading, spelling and math test on Thursday.

**Reminder – There is NO SCHOOL on Friday.