Week of 10/15


  1.  lunch
  2. lunches
  3. story
  4. stories
  5. tune
  6. tunes
  7. switch
  8. switches
  9. baby
  10. babies
  11. note
  12. notes


Monday – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday – Reading – pages 133-134, Math – Page 190

Wednesday – Reading – page 142, Math – pages 197-198

Thursday – Reading – 143-144, Math – pages 203-204

Friday – No homework, enjoy your weekend.

**Please remember to do 3 items of the spelling menu during the week.  This is part of the homework grade.

***Read 20 minutes per night.


This Week……

Reading – In spelling we are learning rules to change singular words to plural.  Grammar we are learning plural nouns that change.  In reading we are learning about fairy tales, cause and effect, and story structure.  We will have a reading and spelling test on Friday.

Math – We will have our unit assessment on Tuesday on strategies for 2-digit addition and will begin a new unit where we will continue with 2-digit addition.

Science – We have finished up our unit on Earth’s surface and weather and will have our unit assessment on Thursday.  This will include what all we have learned so far this year:  rocks and minerals, soil, changes in weather, the sun, air, and staying safe in severe weather.

Social Studies – We are continuing to learn about Nicaragua.  This week we will begin to build our display boards and practice our dance.