Week of 10/8

Spelling Words

  1.  person
  2. turn
  3. curb
  4. purse
  5. nurse
  6. birth
  7. curl
  8. turtle
  9. dirt
  10. serve
  11. skirt
  12. her


READING-We will be working on ur/ir/er words in spelling, plural nouns in grammar, and facts and details in comprehension.  Our writing prompt will be on Thursday.  Our weekly spelling and reading test will be on Friday.

MATH-We are continuing our unit on strategies for adding numbers within 100.  Our unit test will be on Friday.

SCIENCE-We are continuing our unit on severe weather.  Our unit test will be on Friday

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are continuing to learn about Nicaragua and practicing our dance.



Monday – Reading page 121-122, Math Page 169-170

Tuesday – Reading page 123, Math pages 175-176

Wednesday – Reading pages 125-126, Math worksheet

Thursday – Reading pages 129-130, Math worksheet

Friday – No homework.  Have a great weekend!

**Read 20 minutes every night

***3 items off of the spelling menu due Friday