Week of 10/1


  1.  can’t
  2. I’m
  3. she’s
  4. haven’t
  5. it’s
  6. didn’t
  7. aren’t
  8. hadn’t
  9. he’s
  10. who’s
  11. isn’t
  12. I’ll

READING – We will be working on contractions in spelling, plural nouns for grammar, and author’s purpose for reading.  We will have our spelling test and unit test on Friday.

MATH – We are learning to use strategies to add two-digit numbers.  We will have a mid unit test on Tuesday.

SCIENCE – We are finishing our unit on the air around us and will have our assessment on Tuesday.  We will begin our unit on severe weather.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will be learning about Nicaragua and working on our dance for Trip Around Latin America.



Monday – Reading pages 109-110; Math pages 151-152

Tuesday – Reading pages 111-112; Math addition worksheet

Wednesday – Reading page 115; Math pages 153-156

Thursday – Reading pages 117-118; Math pages 163-164

Friday – No homework – Enjoy your weekend!

*SPELLING HOMEWORK – Complete 3 items off the spelling menu.

***Please remember homework is a grade and includes spelling.