Week of 9/24/18

Spelling Words – R controlled vowels

  1.  hard
  2. before
  3. farm
  4. chore
  5. born
  6. more
  7. porch
  8. score
  9. horse
  10. smart
  11. corn
  12. part

ELA – We are continuing to learn nouns.  Our spelling words all have R-controlled vowels.  Our reading skill is cause and effect.  We will have our weekly spelling and comprehension tests on Friday.

Math – We are beginning to learn 2-digit addition.  We will begin the week reviewing place value and move on to adding 10’s to a 2-digit number using a number line.  We will review our test from last week  and have a retest on odd an even numbers and arrays on Tuesday.

Science – We will have our test on the Sun and water cycle on Tuesday and begin our section on air.

Social Studies – We will have our assessment on following rules and laws and end the week learning about symbols of Nicaragua.



MON. – math – place value worksheet, ELA – pages 97-98

TUES. – math – Pages 127-128,  ELA – page 99

WED. – math 133-134, ELA – pages 101-102

THURS. – math – Pages 139-140, ELA – Pages 105-106

FRI. – No Homework!  Enjoy your weekend

***Complese 3 items off of the spelling menu during the week.

***Remember to read 15 minutes per night.