Week of 9/24/18

Spelling Words – R controlled vowels

  1.  hard
  2. before
  3. farm
  4. chore
  5. born
  6. more
  7. porch
  8. score
  9. horse
  10. smart
  11. corn
  12. part

ELA – We are continuing to learn nouns.  Our spelling words all have R-controlled vowels.  Our reading skill is cause and effect.  We will have our weekly spelling and comprehension tests on Friday.

Math – We are beginning to learn 2-digit addition.  We will begin the week reviewing place value and move on to adding 10’s to a 2-digit number using a number line.  We will review our test from last week  and have a retest on odd an even numbers and arrays on Tuesday.

Science – We will have our test on the Sun and water cycle on Tuesday and begin our section on air.

Social Studies – We will have our assessment on following rules and laws and end the week learning about symbols of Nicaragua.



MON. – math – place value worksheet, ELA – pages 97-98

TUES. – math – Pages 127-128,  ELA – page 99

WED. – math 133-134, ELA – pages 101-102

THURS. – math – Pages 139-140, ELA – Pages 105-106

FRI. – No Homework!  Enjoy your weekend

***Complese 3 items off of the spelling menu during the week.

***Remember to read 15 minutes per night.

Week of 9/17

This week we are reviewing every thing we have done so far this year in ELA.  We will have a unit 1 test on Friday covering the skills from the first 5 weeks.

In math, we are continuing our unit on creating equal groups.  Our test will be on Thursday covering topic 2.

In science we did not get to the changes in weather quiz on Friday so we will have it this Monday.  We will then start a new unit covering the sun and water cycle.

In social studies we will not have a quiz this week, but will next Monday.  We are starting the unit on Rules and Laws.  They will need to be able to explain the consequences of an absence of rules and laws.



Monday – Math-even and odd worksheet            ELA – RW Notebook pages 61-62

Tuesday – Math – pages 109-110       ELA – RW notebook pages 69-70

Wednesday – Math – array worksheet      ELA – RW Notebook pages 75-76

Thursday – Math – none           ELA – RW Notebook pages 81-82

Friday –  No Homework   Have a great weekend!

**Please remember to read 15-20 minutes every night.


Week of 9/10

Spelling Words

  1.  that
  2. when
  3. them
  4. itch
  5. wish
  6. what
  7. shape
  8. chase
  9. patch
  10. math
  11. whale
  12. bunch



Monday – Math-Make test corrections on a separate sheet of paper and return with test   Reading-RW Notebook pg. 49-50

Tuesday – Math – Pg. 85-86.  Reading – RW Notebook pg. 51-52

Wednesday – Math – Pg. 91-92.  Reading – RW Notebook pg. 55

Thursday – Math pg. 97-98.  Reading – RW Notebook pg. 53-54

Friday – NONE

****EVERY DAY:  Read 15 minutes per day.   Complete 3 items off of the spelling menu for the week.



Thursday – Social Studies Quiz

Friday – Reading and Spelling tests




Week of 9/3

Spelling Words  (-ed and -ing endings)

  1.  talked
  2. talking
  3. dropped
  4. dropping
  5. excited
  6. exciting
  7. lifted
  8. lifting
  9. hugged
  10. hugging
  11. smiled
  12. smiling


Monday – No school/no homework

Tuesday – Math – word problem worksheet;  Reading – read 15 minutes, RW notebook page 45-46, spelling menu

Wednesday – Math – word problem worksheet; Reading – read 15 minutes, RW notebook page 39, spelling menu

T hursday- Math – none; Reading – read 15 minutes, RW notebook page 41-42, spelling menu

Friday -NONE  –Have a great weekend!


Tests/Quizzes:  Spelling and reading tests on Friday, Math tests Thursday (online) and Friday (written), Science quiz on Friday.