Week of 8/27

Spelling Words (blends)

  1.  stop
  2. hand
  3. clip
  4. twin
  5. strap
  6. brave
  7. stream
  8. breeze
  9. nest
  10. ask
  11. mask
  12. state


Monday-Read 15 minutes, math pages 45-46, Reading page 25-26

Tuesday-Read 15 minutes, math pages 51-52, Reading page 27

Wednesday-Read 15 minutes, math pages 57-58, Reading page 35-36

Thursday-Read 15 minutes, math pages 63-64, Reading page 29-30

Friday-No homework–Have a great long weekend!  No school Monday Sept. 3rd.

**Throughout the week, complete 3 items off the spelling menu on the back of the blue folder.

We will have a science test Monday, a social studies quiz on Thursday, and a reading and spelling test on Friday.  We also have our weekly writing prompt on Thursday.


Week of 8/20


MATH assessment Wednesday on math addition facts

Vocabulary words:

  1.  everywhere
  2. live
  3. machines
  4. move
  5. woman
  6. work
  7. world


Spelling Words:

  1.  page
  2. nose
  3. space
  4. size
  5. fine
  6. mice
  7. late
  8. huge
  9. blaze
  10. race
  11. rice
  12. vote



Monday-reading page 17-18, math facts worksheet

Tuesday – reading pages 15-16, math page 27-28

Wednesday – reading page 13-14, no math

Thursday – reading page 23-24, math pages 33-34

Friday – no homework, Have a great weekend!

**Complete 3 items off the spelling menu during the week.  The spelling menu is on the back of the blue take home folder.

**Make sure to read 20 minutes per night.





Week of 8/13

Welcome to second grade.  It was great meeting everyone Thursday.  I am really excited for this year.


This week the homework is to complete and return all school forms and to complete the All About Me sheet.  The All About Me sheet is due on Friday, but can be turned in as soon as it is completed as we will be going over a few every day.

Beginning next week, we will have daily reading, spelling, and math homework.