Week of 5/21

Water Day Friday!

Math Chapter 14 Test Wednesday

Reading and Spelling Tests: Thursday

Selection Vocabulary:

  1. refreshments– food and drink
  2. mishap– mistake
  3. summon– call someone to see you
  4. assembled– to build something
  5. deceived– to trick or lie to someone
  6. makeshift– something used for a short time or in place of the usual thing
  7. applaud- to clap for someone
  8. miniature- small


Spelling Words:

  1. nobody
  2. only
  3. together
  4. exit
  5. somebody
  6. tomorrow
  7. Tuesday
  8. opposite
  9. don’t
  10. action
  11. yesterday

Students are to complete at least 4 activities off of the spelling menu handout. ONE ACTIVITY IS DUE EACH DAY. Click here for the spelling menu.


Monday: Pg. 837-838

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: none

Thursday: none