Week of 5/14

Reading and Spelling Tests: Friday

Selection Vocabulary:

  1. hover– to float in the air
  2. tremendous– great or significant
  3. voyage– a long trip or journey
  4. surrender– to give up
  5. truce– to agree to end a fight or conflict
  6. petite– small
  7. citizens- people who live in a place
  8. portions- a serving of food that is enough for one person
  9. paralyze- not being able to move


Spelling Words:

  1. happen
  2. basket
  3. winter
  4. sister
  5. problem
  6. subject
  7. lesson
  8. spelling
  9. napkin
  10. collar
  11. traffic
  12. puppet

Students are to complete at least 4 activities off of the spelling menu handout. ONE ACTIVITY IS DUE EACH DAY. Click here for the spelling menu.


Monday: Pg. 819-820

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: Pg. 825-826

Thursday: Pg. 831-832