Week of 4-16

Reading and Spelling Tests: Friday

Selection Vocabulary:

  1. cowboy– a man who herds and takes care of cattle
  2. cattle– cows
  3. trails– a path or course through a forest or other rural place
  4. herd– any group of cattle that travel together
  5. campfire– an outdoor fire used for cooking or warmth while camping
  6. railroad– a road of steel rails upon which train cars travel


Students will be quizzed on these words on Friday, please study them at home.


Spelling Words:

  1. kindness
  2. goodness
  3. fearless
  4. sadness
  5. helpless
  6. fitness
  7. careless
  8. useless
  9. darkness
  10. sickness
  11. thankless
  12. weakness

Students are to complete at least 4 activities off of the spelling menu handout. ONE ACTIVITY IS DUE EACH DAY. Click here for the spelling menu.


Monday: Pg. 721-722

Tuesday: Pg. 727-728

Wednesday: Pg. 733-734

Thursday: Pg. 739-740