Week of 4-9

Reading and Spelling Tests: Friday

Selection Vocabulary:

  1. aunt– a relative who is the sister of your mom or dad
  2. present– a gift you give someone
  3. bank– a place where you keep your money
  4. basket– a container made of materials such as wood strips, grass, or straw
  5. favorite– liked over all others
  6. collect– to gather things as a hobby


Students will be quizzed on these words on Friday, please study them at home.


Spelling Words:

  1. mixture
  2. future
  3. caution
  4. motion
  5. nation
  6. picture
  7. station
  8. nature
  9. section
  10. auction
  11. fixture
  12. feature

Students are to complete at least 4 activities off of the spelling menu handout. ONE ACTIVITY IS DUE EACH DAY. Click here for the spelling menu.


Monday: Pg. 697-698

Tuesday: Pg. 703-704

Wednesday: Pg. 709-710

Thursday: Pg. 715-716